Motomethod: Our long lost brother garage?

Pipeburn is a weekly stop for us, checking out the builds from around the world, often creating energy when inspiration runs low.  So, imagine our surprise when we stumbled on their post, not about a build, but about a motorcycle repair shop in Vancouver, Canada.  But this shop is different.  Very different…Motomethod is a bike repair shop, created by two guys who decided to live out their dream of owning their own space.  The difference is that they offer reasonable memberships for people who wish to wrench on their own bikes.  Sharing the shop tools and equipment, riders are able to learn how to repair their own machines, with the help of the two owners, if needed.  It seems this is a distant relative of what we try to do here at MotoPreserve.   Let’s let them explain…

Motomethod is a full repair shop, for nearly all makes and models of motorcycles, old or new. Whether you need a tune up, a new tire, an engine rebuild or if it’s your own project bike…we can help.

Motomethod is the first in the industry to allow you, the rider, to come in and ‘rent a bay’ and repair your own bike, or learn how. We provide the space, tools and resources…so come on down and do it yourself !

We also offer memberships for added value, which includes bike pick up, discounts on labour rates, parts and storage, and access to the DIY facilities. Be a part of the community!

Check out the great video about Motomethod BELOW:

EDITOR’S NOTE: Unfortunately, looks like the garage has closed.  the site link is now dead.

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