A Harley Sportster gets Chopped: Custom Seat Hinge Part 2

Welded and ready to for the seat on the Harley Sportster...

Welded and ready to for the seat on the Harley Sportster…

Last we left off, Brandon was well on his way to making this custom solo seat hinge a reality.  Although there are many pre-made hinges available for the Harley Sportster, by deciding to fabricate his own seat hinge, he got the satisfaction of a job well done, and another $50 still in his pocket to spend on the next mod…

Brandon says:

I had to gather a bolt, washers and nylon lock nut and assemble and test it before welding. Worked pretty well, but the tabs needed a little shaping, and then it was perfect (for me perfect, NOT perfect).  I need to relocate a few electronics under the seat, so using the hinge for access and a place to secure it to, is a huge advantage.


Brandon has plenty of mods in mind for the future of this Harley Sportster, moving it away from the stock look, to a more streamlined Brat Style Bike.  The term Brat Bike has become somewhat generic, (like most build genres after they become popular), but Brandon is picking and choosing a few stylistic changes to get this bike on track.

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