Yamaha FZR 600 Mods: Drilled Heel Guards

Stock FZR hell guard

This is a small, but easy fix for the Yamaha FZR 600.  The stock heel guards are old school, big blocks of coated aluminum, with no personality whatsoever.  I decided to use my [lack of] Adobe Illustrator skills and make a design for some drilling, to attempt to give them some personality.

The more modern heel guards, on say, the Yamaha R6, have a design that says “speed,” whereas these FZR models say “da dum dee dum.”  So out comes the tracing paper, and a rough idea for some holes – to spruce up the look of these things.  Sadly, I left my design skills along the road somewhere – and the result was a little less inspired than I had hoped.  But overall, the minor cosmetic improvement should be fine, for something that should be hidden by my legs anyway.

Uninspired template...

I printed the deign I settled on, and taped it to the piece, using it as a template to drill.  After the first guard was cut, I then placed it on top of the other, which is a mirror image shape, and used a Sharpie to dot the holes onto the second guard.  Zip, zip, and the cuts were done.  Ultimately, I may use the lathe to cut out a design in the center of the piece, to replace/fix the larger holes.  After a little wet sanding and the buffing wheel, they should look pretty decent on the bike.  This will be another case of “if I ride fast enough, no one will notice my f%#kup.”

Done! Or, done enough...

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