First Foray into Chinese Motorcycle Parts: UPDATE

Before and After...

Previously, I posted (part 1 HERE) about my apprehension with ordering Chinese motorcycle parts, and my concern that perhaps the quality and fit might not be up to snuff…

After swapping out the brake master cylinder for an R6 model, I also decided to change the clutch perch, so that I would have matching controls – and be able to buy new, adjustable levers for the 1993 Yamaha FZR 600.

A weeks time for delivery, and I had my shiny new RideIt Moto levers in hand, straight from Hong Kong, awaiting installation on the bike.  My first impression was that they were of decent build quality, and that they would be a nice addition to the bike, both cosmetically and functionally.  Having the ability to fine tune the feel of the levers is welcomed on a performance bike, and I looked forward to tweaking the hand position exactly to my liking.

After taking the old levers off, I realized that the RideIt clutch lever was missing a race in the bolt hole that attaches the lever to the mount.  I used a punch to hammer out the race from the old lever, and reused it for the new setup.  No big deal, but since the brake lever’s hole is matched perfectly, it was a little strange that this mod would be required.

Lever on the bike...

Once on the bike, I made a rough estimate of which setting I would prefer – the options for 6 distances from the bars are available, and honed in on selection 5 for both brake and clutch.  Off I went, for a short test ride, to see how these things performed.

Immediately, I noticed that the levers felt less tapered, and more squared off to the touch.  This was not a bad thing, but will take some getting used to.  The next obvious difference is that they feel more “meaty” in the hand, while at the same time, feeling lighter.  I think this is a product of the better lever action, and was instantly a positive for me.

I cruised the neighborhood for a while, getting used to the new feel.  At a few stop lights, I adjusted the selectors, and ended up with the clutch at position 4, and the brake at position 5. The clutch selector feels as if it wants to shoot out to position 6 when you adjust on the fly, but I think this is from the fact that the cable is pulling against the lever.  The selector mechanism feels a little flimsy, but I didn’t worry that it would switch on it’s own…only time will tell.

The difference in feel is incredible, and this is one of the best (and cheapest) mods I have done to the bike.

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