1950’s Nitrous Powered Vincent Motorcycle hits 180 Horse Power!

This video is making the rounds through the biker blogosphere, showing John Renwick with his 1950’s Vincent Motorcycle, tricked out and hitting 180 HP on the dyno test.  Simply incredible!  This Brit can really tune a machine, and the data proves it…

Looking to set land-speed records at Bonneville, this bike is hand crafted, based on a ’50’s Vincent, complete with sidecar and Nitrous booster.  The bike is technically a 1650cc, which puts it in the category of the absurd, unless you are strictly dealing with the closed environments of the Salt Flats.

Kudos to Mr. Renwick for raising the bar, and the folks he has helping him to get this thing as tricked out as can be.

Thanks to Rosko from NYCVinMoto for the heads up…

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