Sam’s Honda CB 350 Build Continues…

Honda CB 350 on the lift and looking naked...

Okay, here’s the vision for the Honda CB 350: somewhere between café racer and streettracker.  I know, I know, old news.  You’ve all seen it a million times.  But stick with me: since I have access to this great shop space and someone who really knows his business, I’m going to be fabricating as many of the parts as I can…

The goal is to make it really simple, light, nimble, and neutral, and as modern and functional as possible (within reason – I’m not going to go modifying a GL1000 electronic ignition, just so I can have it break down and not know what to do with it!).  Here’s a partial list of what I’ll be doing:

–       Mikuni VM carbs

–       Dyna Coils

–       Rewiring (super simple – just ignition, charging, and lighting)

–       Lower front end a biscuit, raise rear end a biscuit

–       New seat, modified tank

–       Rearsets mounted at stock position (I like a neutral but low slung position; I don’t want to lie down on my motorcycle)

–       2-1 full stainless exhaust

...the beginning of the custom clip-ons

At this point the bike is torn down to just what you see above, as I make the clip-ons and get the front end set up.  I designed a new triple tree in CAD and was going to have it water-jet cut, but for now I’m going to stick with the stocker, with some modifications.  If anyone is interested in a new triple tree upper clamp for a CB 350, let me know; the more of them that I order, the cheaper they’ll be.  If you don’t need them now, Dime City Cycles will soon be offering them.

That’s all I have for now; hopefully just enough to whet your appetite. Ezra and I started on the clip-ons, and I hope to have them finished soon.

Custom CB 350 Top Triple Tree Clamp

Stay tuned…

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