Yamaha FZR 600 Mods: Vapor Motorcycle Digital Gauge

Trail Tech Vapor Digital Dash

Shortly after purchasing the 1993 Yamaha FZR 600, I took my first ride out onto the highways of New Jersey, to open her up and see what she was capable of.  About half-way through the trip, the bike had some serious issues, but the one problem, that bugged me more than all the others, was the speedo needle fell off.  Good grief!  I started wondering about a motorcycle digital gauge.

I did some research and found that the stock gauges can be taken apart, and the needle carefully glued back on.  I did that repair, but then launch into all the other mods I had in store for the bike, so I never tested the fix.  Turns out that super glue can hold almost anything, but not a speedometer needle!

The first ride I took after doing all the mods, I pulled away from the garage, and by the time I hit the first red light 100 yards away, I looked down to find the needle lying at the bottom of the gauge again.  Enough is enough.  Time for a new dash.

After some more research, I found that folks had been installing a motorcycle digital gauge called the Vapor, by the company Trail Tech.  The model used on the FZRs was the Vapor, and it seemed to come with everything I needed.  Packed into a very small frame, the dash includes: Speedometer, Tachometer, heat sensor, trip meter, and clock with ride time calculations.  Because the stock bike was equipped with analog gauges, there are some mods to be performed to make it work, but the instructions are laid out in detail, and the install seems to be straightforward.

The only hitch is that I will need to fabricate a gauge mount, that will also incorporate the idiot light cluster.  Should make the bike look more modern, and clean up the front end a bit.  The drawback is that the front fairing must come off again to get this thing installed, which is always a hassle.

Stay tuned for the final results…

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    1. Thanks for checking in at MotoPreserve. I ended up with the 75-601 model. It was described as “GENERIC CONVENTIONAL FORKS – WATER-COOLED” on the site. You can see it HERE

      Good luck with this swap. Getting one of these to play nice with the stock wiring harness can be a little frustrating at times. In fact, I have to get an Acewell version going on a vintage Honda today…

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