Yamaha FZR 600 Mods: Vapor Motorcycle Digital Gauge Installed

Trail Tach Digital Dash for the FZR 600 offers modern convieniences.

Vapor installed on mock mount…

Finally got a chance to install the Trail Tech Vapor motorcycle digital gauge onto the Yamaha FZR 600.  The box comes complete with everything you need to make this thing tick…

The back of the digital dash has several cables, each with a plastic male or female connector, that attaches to the corresponding, included sensors.  The only difficulty about this part of the install is deciding how to route the wires.  Not a big deal, except that the FZR 600 is tight all over, and finding a little extra room, without dismantling the entire beast, is a pain in the ass.

The manual suggests running the power directly to the battery, despite having an internal watch-style battery for self-power, claiming the back light would be 10x brighter.  My only disappointment is that the wiring supplied with the Vapor is very fine gauge (20 gauge?).  I crimped an “o-clamp” onto the end of the wire, and inserted it onto the positive post of the battery, in line with my battery tender lead.  The dash lit up immediately, with all readouts visible with a nice blue back light.

The speedometer sensor comes with a magnetic bolt to replace one that secures the brake rotor.  They provide 2 different sizes, to account for various rotor bolt sizes.  There is also a plain magnet which can be bonded to the rotor, if the provided bolts do not fit.  The magnetic reader attaches directly to the fork with a provided patch of tape.  The key is to align the reader and the magnet so that the bolt travels just above, or below, the reader.  If aligned incorrectly, you may have double reading, causing you to think that you are traveling at light-speed.  Be sure to route the cable up to the dash away from the front wheel.  Following the brake lines worked for me, and a few provided zip ties made it secure.

The tachometer pulse sensor wraps around the 1st spark plug wire, and reads RPM much like a strobe gun used for setting timing.  With approximately 5 wraps around the plug wire, the gauge reads the pulses, and can determine the engine speed based on this calculation.  Pretty simple, and the accuracy was surprising.  The idle speed, when tested warm, was reading exactly where the stock gauge did.  The tachometer cable has a ground wire, which needs to be secured to the engine or frame.  In this case, snaking it to the main engine ground on the FZR would have required removing half the bike, so I opted for a decent frame ground location, and will move it when I do more work on the bike.

The engine temperature connection is a little more complicated, but provided directions were thorough.  Trail Tech offers several models, with various ways to gauge engine temp.  For the FZR, they provide a metal junction which inserts into the radiator hose.  The part is connected to a cable which runs to the dash, and they provide hose clamps, and everything needed except the bucket to dump the coolant.

Next up, fabbing up an mount and indicator light cluster….


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