Motorcycle Safety: Crash Cards could save lives…

Courtesy of All Motorcycle Stuff

As the riding season begins here on the East Coast, thoughts of motorcycle safety are kicking in…

While scouring the web for some safety stories, we came across this ‘brilliant’ idea (English accent added), suggested by British law enforcement, to protect their native riders.  The Brits, back in 2010, having recognized that bikers only account for 1% of road traffic, but 19% of motor-related casualties, began urging motorcyclists to carry “Crash Cards” in their helmets.  These small cards tuck into the helmet, and come with a small green sticker to alert first responders to the fact that vital information is present.

The card info includes:  Riders’ name, post code, date of birth and a brief medical history, including current medications being taken.

While this is not mandatory, it seems like the kind of safety item that should be suggested on this side of the pond.  As noted on these pages, motorcycle safety can be very different from state to state, but this is one program we would love to see nationwide.

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