Cafe Racer TV: new season starts April 19

Mike Seate rides a Honda CB on Cafe Racer TV

Cafe Racer TV Season 3 - Courtesy of Cafe Racer

If you are a fan of custom motorcycles, and especially Cafe Racers, there are few places to turn for good television programming.  For the past 2 years, Cafe Racer TV has aired on the Velocity Channel, depicting the history of the Cafe movement,  as well as capturing the recent popularity of this style of build…

We have posted about this program before, and the controversy of some of the choices made by the builders on the show.  Despite the debates, at this point, Cafe Racer TV is the only one getting out there to bring the Cafe scene to your living room.

Starting April 19, the show will begin it’s 3rd season, and a whole new group of builders will he highlighted.  Checkout the teaser-video below…

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