Hogs in the ‘hood: Classic Hodaka

Classic Hodaka, in lime green...

Classic Hodaka, in lime green…

Hodaka, a cross-venture company between the Japanese and Americans, manufactured bikes during the 60’s and 70’s.  Some would consider them to have pioneered the ‘trail bike,’ which was all the rage back then, and made every rider look like they were starring in On Any Sunday.

Saw this beautiful example of their handiwork while walking through Williamsburg.  The Oregon based company, which would eventually close up shop around 1980, was known for their oddly named models such as the Wombat, Combat Wombat, Super Combat, Super Rat and Dirt Squirt.  This Brooklyn find seems to be their Road Toad model, complete with graffiti style font, and although only 100cc, would be a great city bike.

Just another bike to put on the list of ‘must-own’….

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