Stolen Honda CB 350 Found! All’s well that ends well…

This is the only time you'd ever want to see this tag

This is the only time you'd ever want to see this tag...

The other day we posted about a Honda CB 350 that had been stolen in Williamsburg.  While some folks responded with disbelief that a bike of this vintage would be targeted for theft, the bike was gone, and it’s owner had looked far and wide, to see if simple mischief had been the culprit…

Well, we are happy to report that Dave, the owner, got a call from the NYPD, letting him know that they had found his bike.  Dave shot me a quick email explaining the details, and we are happy to see that this all ended well.  In fact, maybe we will end up meeting another Honda fanatic out of this whole mess, so in the end, there might even be a bright side…

Hey Scott,

My bike was recovered this morning. I guess NYPD traffic found it on the side of the road. Minimal damage done. I was able to do some repairs and get it running in the tow yard. The thieves took the fuel lines, one grip, and snapped the front brake lever.
It was a huge relief when I got the phone call. I was beyond pleasantly surprised. I tried to snap some pictures of the damage- they’re not the greatest.

It turns out the traffic police found it a few blocks away (of course just outside of my search radius) on the side of the road and decided to run the plate.
Thank you so much for spreading the word.

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