Hogs in the ‘hood: Another Honda CB 360

The Honda CB 360: Perfect city bike?

The Honda CB 360: Perfect city bike?

I have been talking about the Honda CB 360 as the perfect city bike for quite some time, and it seems a bunch of people in this neighborhood agree.  Light, nimble, and quiet, but with a touch of class only 1970’s bikes can have…

This is a fine example in orange, with just the right amount of patina to appreciate its age, but with a few, tasteful mods to bring the look up to speed.

For a while there, you could grab the more popular Honda CB 350 for dirt cheap, and the 360 even cheaper.  Hardly anyone knew about the CB (or CL) 360, because they were only made for a couple years.  But these 356 cc bikes came with a 6 speed gearbox, and if you grabbed a “G” model, it had hydraulic disk front brakes.

Parts are a bit harder to come by, but there are still plenty floating around eBay.  A nice choice if you are looking for something to zip around the city, and don’t plan to do a ton of highway riding.

If any of you are following the ‘Lady Luck’ builds, you’ll see that these Honda CB 350/360 can make for great first bikes as well…

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    1. Are you missing the engine as well? These bikes can be simple to work on, and the 360 is definitely easier to get the engine in and out of the frame, than the 350.

    1. We are just about to get started rebuilding a CL360. 1970’s Honda (especially CB series) are so damn popular, and for good reason. They are so damn good!

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