Michiel opens a new virtual shop, and scores Pipeburn!

ShedBuilt '82 Virago

ShedBuilt '82 Virago

One of the best things about riding a bike, is the community you become a part of, simply by becoming part of the ‘club.’  This typically takes it’s form in the people you meet face to face, while wrenching, riding or just spotting another bike owner on the street… 

Through this web site, we have expanded our ‘virtual community’ to parts of the world we have never traveled to, and one of the folks across the pond we love to check in on is Michiel, a builder and photographer over in Holland.

He has run the site BMWCafe for quite a while, and has now moved his efforts over to Shed Built Bikes.  Having recently completed a Yamaha Virago custom build, he was fortunate enough to have some of the major bike sites take notice.

Check out the build and his photography, in the Pipeburn expose.  You won’t be disappointed.

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