Lady Luck: Honda CL 350 needs tweaking!

Danny starts the Honda CL 350

Danny starts the Honda CL 350

Ruby’s 1969 Honda CL 350 started up last week, after hours and hours wrestling with the ignition timing.  The bike would idle pretty well, but there was a bog in the throttle when increased under load.  Time for some diagnostics…

First test, check the idle for the 2 cylinders, one at a time.  Not the most kosher test, but this Honda CL 350 is giving us major headaches.  It’s been hard to tell what’s happening from one cylinder to the next.  The plug cap was pulled from the 2nd cylinder, and despite some hanging idle (air leak?), the 1st cylinder ran pretty well.  When reversed, allowing the bike to run on cylinder 2 alone, the problem became apparent.  There was no way to work the air mixture screw to get this side to idle correctly.  Time for the carbs to come off… AGAIN!

Once off, Danny recognized that one of the jets was cracked.  Big problem!  So he replaced it with a new one from a rebuild kit, and we will see how she idles now.  It’s bad enough when you have done a full top-end rebuild.  But to have issues with the carbs, inherited from the previous owner, it adds a frustration and confusion that’s hard to grapple with.  It leads to feeling like you are chasing your tail.

It’s close.  Very, very close.  Ruby awaits the delivery of her new helmet, and we should have her out on the road in no time…

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