Hogs in the ‘hood: Suzuki SV 650

A raw version of the Suzuki SV 650

A raw version of the Suzuki SV 650

There was a period of time when I was obsessed with the Suzuki SV 650.  That time passed, but I still love the look of the naked model (not the S with fairings), and sometimes wish I had bought one. 

Is it rust...or patina?

Is it rust…or patina?

This example is even more stripped down and raw than stock, and with some unique ‘patina’ on the tank, this thing screams city bike!  The frame sliders and bar-end mirrors are a nice touch…

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    1. I never actually got a chance to ride one either. Honestly, there was something about the look of the frame that always rubbed me wrong. Kinda has a cartoon-drawing look to it. That and the popularity seems to have kept the prices pretty steep. I’ll ride one someday, and maybe regret my choice for a Kawasaki Versys…

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