Hogs in the ‘hood: Indian Larry Motorcycles Custom Chopper

Indian Larry Custom Chopper

Indian Larry Custom Chopper

ED. NOTE: Apparently this chopper was built by Jesse James.  SEE COMMENTS BELOW.

MotoPreserve is fortunate to be located so close to the Indian Larry Motorcycles shop – filled with amazing people, machines and tools that create some of the most unique bikes today…It’s not often you see an Indian Larry Motorcycles original outside the SHOP, unless they are gearing up to load it on a truck, and get it off to an anxious customer.  But for the past few days this bad-ass chopper has been sitting in front of the shop – teasing anyone who loves this style, or appreciates the craftsmanship that goes into a build like this.

This one is for sale, and although I am not sure of the cost, I know that it is not for the faint of heart (or wallet).  Custom Choppers are not my speed, but I have to give it to these guys, their expertise in this genre is impressive.  Totally unique and unusual, these bikes have touches that you just don’t see anywhere else…

2 Replies to “Hogs in the ‘hood: Indian Larry Motorcycles Custom Chopper”

  1. Clearly you do not know what you’re talking about. How about you do a little research on the topic your posting instead of snapping pictures at everything you see? If you had bothered to stop and ask the shop guys a simple question about this bike, the very first thing they would have told you is that this is NOT an Indian Larry bike (obviously). You don’t have to know a single thing about motorcycles to KNOW this is not an Indian Larry bike, everything about it is not relative to Indian Larry bikes at all. The bike was built by Jesse James at West Coast Choppers (as it says right on the seat).

    F#%king bloggers…

    1. Now, now. It’s all going to be ok…

      I apologize if I hurt your feelings, but something tells me there are far worse things out there to get this worked up about.

      The post was supposed to be about the Indian Larry Shop and the folks who work there, and despite my “major gaff” on the caption for the photo, not once was I talking about this bike at all. It just happened to be there – which at the time, was rare to see in front of the shop.

      Ironically, when I snapped this photo, I was standing there talking with Eddie about borrowing a tool, and didn’t ask him a thing about the bike. Needed the tool, I had my own bike to worry about, which coincidentally was not built by Jesse James OR Larry…

      If you’d like to be constructive, instead of angry, why don’t you shoot us an email with a history of this bike, why it ended up with Eddie, and kick in toward the collective knowledge?

      F%#king blog readers…

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