Parking in Brooklyn…

Good Grief!

Good Grief!

We spend a lot of time making our bikes look and run the way we want.  We take special care to make sure they are parked in a spot that offers the least chance of disaster….

And then you come outside of work, after parking your bike 20 feet away from any other vehicle, only to see that the new development construction company has moved in a little too close…

This truck was the size of a house, and was working with a back-ho which seemed unfazed by extending the arm directly over my bike.

Park on the sidewalk and get ticketed.  Worse if you remove the plate (Dept. of Sanitation has begun flagging bikes for removal again).  Park on the street in a legal spot, and the damn parallel parking genius will smack into your freshly painted fairing…

Man!  When will it end?

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