Custom Tanks…and the people who fix them

Beware of custom fuel tanks...

Beware of custom fuel tanks…

Lately Jarred, our resident welder, has been asked to fix some custom motorcycle parts that have been built, charged for  and long since forgotten by their original fabricators…The problem is: many of these custom motorcycle parts have been made sub-par, and have at times been thrown out into the world, in a haphazard fashion.  Take for example the Brat Style Motorcycle tank above.  This was brought to the shop, having been bought somewhere down south.  The tank is a custom piece, and was sold with the understanding that it would hold fuel.  No so.  In fact, the fuel began spilling all over the rider while on the road – causing not only alarm, but a hazard!

There are some great custom builders and fabricators out there.  But just because a piece looks good, doesn’t mean it going to do what it’s supposed to do, and do it well.  While we love the idea of a new upstart fabricator, there is something to say for track-record, and the confidence that comes with it.

Once Jarred decided it was best to split the tank completely at the center seam, he realized that the two halves had been poorly brazed, and at points, only lead solder filled gaps.  That’s right, solder, the type used to hold electrical connections together!

Unacceptable, and downright dangerous.  Fortunately, Jarred was able to make it whole again – and the owner will have the tank of his dreams, and this time, it will even hold gas!

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