Moto Mule: A little red wagon for your motorcycle…

Hook this up to your bike and go....

Hook this up to your bike and go….

Imagine that you could take a nice long, adventurous motorcycle ride, all while carrying the same ingredients you use for tailgating.  Or better yet, pack all the camping gear you need for a trip, without making the back of your bike look like a garage sale.  Introducing, the Moto MuleCame across this nifty product, while surfing through the ADV Rider site.  One of the forum members decided to take matters into his own hands, and create what he felt was missing from the large market of adventure riding products.  A decent way to haul your gear, even over rough terrain.  The Moto Mule trailer was born.

Camping gear...or beer?

Camping gear…or beer?

Part Family Vacation, part little Red Wagon, this little gem will haul all the gear you need, and comes complete with a shock and fender, to make trips across rough roads even more bearable.  This is the kind of thing you need when you head out on the road…forever.

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