Yamaha PW 50: Mini-Bike built for Pros…

Man, I wanted to ride this!

Man, I wanted to ride this!

While at the dealership the other day, I decided to take a look around at all the cool things I don’t own.  My favorite was the tiny Yamaha PW 50 dirt bike.  The first photo I took didn’t really show the scale very well, so I threw my helmet in there for perspective…I believe this is an older model, but after getting home, I looked online to find the very cool 2012 Yamaha PW 50, which packs 49cc of power, with a 19″ seat height, and shaft drive.

My first love...

My first love…

When I was a kid, my very first “motorcycle” was a Honda Z50R, a 2 gear, non-clutch mini-bike.  Loved that thing!  In fact, it may have been the funnest bike I ever owned.  But that bike was more toy than these modern-day 50cc bikes.  This Yamaha PW 50 looks to be a pro motocross racer…just miniature.

This kid is stylin'

This kid is stylin’

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