Kawasaki Versys: 12 volt aux power plug install

Versys with the GPS mount...ready for power.

Versys with the GPS mount…ready for power.

In preparation for my trip this weekend on the new Kawasaki Versys, I wanted to have some auxiliary power for the GPS, iPhone and GoPro video camera.  Last trip I didn’t have any power, and I hoped that my devices made it each day without losing all the battery juice…

With this new bike, I decided to take the plunge and install my own cigarette style plug power.  The Kawasaki Versys comes complete with an auxiliary plug, just waiting for their optional $180 cig plug.  Too much cash for something this simple.  So I decided to take a crack at it myself.

Cutting the hole in the dash...

Cutting the hole in the dash…

The most nerve-racking part was drilling a hole into the dash.  This bike looks new, and I was worried I would mess it up.  Not too bad.  Larger and larger holes with a drill, and then a Dremel to make the hole just the right size.  The plug fit through perfectly, and I was ready for electrical work.

I ran to the auto store and bought a 40 amp, 4 pole relay for $6.  Online I sourced a cigarette plug for $12.  This plug is supposed to be waterproof, which should help if I hat a downpour. The only other parts were bullet and spade connectors, electrical tape and shrink wrap.

The relay wired to the stock aux outlet.

The relay wired to the stock aux outlet.

I crimped the appropriate connectors onto the ends of multi-colored wire, to be able to differentiate the runs later.  I followed the wiring diagram for the relay, and the help I found for this mod on Kawasaki Versys forum, and ended up with a tight little package which hides behind the left fairing.

Plug installed

Plug installed

With the relay, the plug is only powered when the key is turned on (or in park).  This way the battery doesn’t get drained if I forget to turn off the GPS.

If you don’t have stock power wires like the Versys, then you would have to run the power directly from the battery.  In that case, you would want to make sure to place a fuse in-line with the power feed, as near to the battery as you can get it.  The Versys had the wiring loom running through a fuse already, so this mod was even easier.

3 Replies to “Kawasaki Versys: 12 volt aux power plug install”

  1. I’m assuming that relay ….. Has a place in the fuse box? That may be a dumb question but I plan on doing the very same thing on my 12′ Versys 🙂 thanks for putting this up very helpful. I will admit I am def a rookie and aspiring adventure rider.

    1. Welcome aboard!

      The relay actually ticked up front, beneath the left side fairing, because that’s where the stock harness outlet is. I guess I could have run wiring back and forth, but this seemed simpler.

      The relay comes with a tab on it – making it easy to zip tie it to the frame.

      Good luck!

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