‘White Knuckle’ Motorcycle Cannonball Run Doc

Documentary chronicles the Moto Cannonball Run

Documentary chronicles the Moto Cannonball Run

The Motorcycle Cannonball Run is a race of man and machine, the difference being that these machines are not the latest, greatest technology, but ancient bikes, tuned as best they can be, to make it all the way across the country…

The folks over at Atomic Hot Rod have joined forces with Hot Rod Builder and Award Winning Filmmaker Brian Darwas, to release his documentary, ‘White Knuckle.’ Featuring a group of riders and mechanics who conquer long odds, to make the bikes worthy of such a long trip.

A while back, we POSTED about the kooky, fun loving, yet grueling adventure that is the Motorcycle Cannonball Run.  Now you can see, up close and personal, how these people tackle machines from 100 years ago, to get them running well enough to cross the entire United States.  Mr. Darwas has captured these vintage bikes, and the event,  in all its glory.

The film documents a bunch of guys competing in the race that pits pre-1916 motorcycles and their riders, hurling (sometimes at slow speeds) across 3325 miles, in just 3 weeks.

Check out the teaser below.

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