A journey to Vermont on the Kawasaki Versys: Part 1

The kawasaki Versys at a pit stop on the way to Vermont

The Kawasaki Versys at a pit stop on the way to Vermont

After having the Kawasaki Versys for only a couple weeks, I had already experienced and been impressed with its capabilities in the city.  But to really put it through its paces, to see if she is as ‘versatile’ as they claim, I needed a nice long trip, one that provided the best roads, both paved and not…

It was decided I would ride up to Central Vermont, an area I loved riding last summer (check out the 2011 trip photos HERE) on the Honda CB 550.  Last summer I had some harrowing moments with the traction on dirt roads, and although the Kawasaki Versys still has stock Dunlop SportMax tires on it, I wondered if it would handle the gravel and dirt roads better than the trusty Honda.  The bike was originally marketed as a semi dual-sport, later tamed down to a road bike that can handle touring – and the various road conditions that come with it.

After heading north out of the city, I hooked up with the Taconic Parkway to take me up into north-western Massachusetts, and then on into the southern part of Vermont.  The plan was to stay near the Green Mountain National Park, but plans change, and it was decided I would continue on through the park, to Brattleboro, VT.

The roads up in this area of the country are gorgeous, and the riding is free of traffic and hassles.  A nice change of pace from Brooklyn riding.  In the end, I did about 850 miles, and will have a more detailed report on how the Kawasaki Versys performed.

The video below is a little shaky, not having found a good, solid mounting spot for the GoPro yet.  But you get the idea…

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