Tweaking and retweaking: the Triumph Bonneville heads to the highway

Scott buttons up the Triumph Bonneville

Scott buttons up the Triumph Bonneville

Over the past week, Scott has been tweaking the 1973 Triumph Bonneville, figuring out what was causing his high idle issues, and the [more than normal] oil leaks on the engine.  Well, after a couple weeks of riding it locally, it’s ready for her first highway voyage…

Scott had originally had to rebuild the top end, with Hugh from 6th Street helping out with a cylinder rebore.  His progress was documented HERE. Immediately following this type of work, the engine needs to be broken in – like a 40 year old “brand new bike.”  During the break in period, Scott kept the RPMs low, and the riding local.  But now that the oil leak is under control, it’s time to get her out on the highway and open her up a bit.

The oil leak ended up coming from the Stator wire that exits the left side case, the pressure causing small amounts of oil to pool on the top of the engine.

The high idle came from a set of spanking new carbs, that just needed to be tweaked and tuned, over and over, until they sit just right.  Now he has a nice healthy idle at about 1200 RPM, and we are heading off to Bear Mountain for a gorgeous Saturday ride.

Stay tuned for some video footage of what the day may bring.  Wish us luck!

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