Lady Luck: custom Honda CB 350 Paint Job

Angie's Tank looks fresh!

Angie’s Tank looks fresh!

The weather is getting better and better for riding, and we need to get these gals on the road!  Angie finally got her custom Honda CB 350 paint job done.  The wheel is laced up with the appropriate spokes (the first round from China was the wrong size).

This bike, after being found in the woods out back of a house in south Jersey, covered in rust, is going to look sharp.  A custom tank badge, the fresh paint, and she is just about ready to go.  Some wheel truing, some electrical work, and the final tuning, and the Honda CB 350 should be ready to ride.

A whole new color scheme for the Honda CB 350

A whole new color scheme for the Honda CB 350

Angie stuck with the stock air boxes, so the carb tuning should not be too tough.  After some final tweaks, this baby will be ready to fire up.  It’s been a long road, with some mishaps along the way – but that’s par for the course with these vintage motorcycle restorations.

It’s looking like this will be a great first bike for Angie, and she will be able to enjoy the best part of the summer in the saddle of a gorgeous, classic Honda CB 350.

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