Custom Honda CB 750: Engine Reassembly

Barrels painted and back on the engine...

Barrels painted and back on the engine…

After a few weeks of waiting for parts for the reassembly of the Custom Honda CB 750 F, Jarred was finally ready for some serious progress.  New valves had to be lapped, fresh gaskets applied, and the engine was ready for final assembly…

Although we have seen this paint scheme before, it never gets old.  The thing that sets this motor apart from the rest is that Jarred went with a more ‘brushed’ metal look, using scotchbrite pads to scuff the aluminum, instead of shooting for full-blown shine.  It retains the aged look that this bike should have, being that it’s almost 40 years old.

The frame and rims have been powder-coated, and the final parts are in a box, awaiting assembly.  Can’t wait to see what this thing looks like when it’s all wrapped up.  Jarred has shown us photos of bikes that have inspired him – but with his custom fab skills, we can only imagine that the bike will have a personality all its own.

Harbor Freight engine stand

Harbor Freight engine stand

The photo above shows the motor secured to a Harbor Freight engine stand, and it seems to have made the entire assembly process much easier.  Being able to get around the engine 360 degrees, and manipulate it for easier access has allowed for fairly quick work.  Great purchase, for a very reasonable price.

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