Custom Vintage Motorcycle Repair

Jarred welding a chopper sissy bar

Jarred welding a chopper sissy bar

We have written several times about how hard NYC can make owning a bike, especially a custom vintage motorcycle.  The average motorcycle owner has to pay for higher insurance (compared to the rest of the country), secure parking, and eventually, for repairs when someone knocks the bike over…

Case in point: our new friend Dax moved up here from Virginia with his highly customized Harley Sportster Chopper.  He had his custom tank split open on the ride up, spewing gas all over him as he rode.  Not a good start to his motorcycling experience in NYC.  In the time he has been here, he has experienced his bike being knocked over, parts breaking from rough roads, and a host of other unfortunate incidents.

Fortunately for Dax, he was introduced to MotoPreserve, and Jarred, who was able to re-weld and fix a bunch of the problems he encountered.  There is still more work to be done, but at least having found some kindred souls, he now knows that he can make it through having a bike in the city.

Too often we see people getting frustrated with the trial and tribulations of owning a bike here in the city.  No amount of precaution can help avoid the pitfalls that are the streets of this city.  At least there are people out there (we would like to think we are some of them) who will lend a helping hand when it seems everything is going wrong..

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