Lady Luck: Ruby’s Honda CL 350 springs a leak

A quick weld job to secure the alternator cover

A quick weld job to secure the alternator cover

After buttoning up Ruby’s Honda CL 350 engine, we noticed that there was some serious leaking going on.  The fact that we had used aftermarket gaskets was a concern, due to numerous reviews complaining about the quality of anything but OEM (genuine factory) parts…

There was so much oil coming out of this poor Honda CL 350, it seemed that we had a real issue, and that the whole engine would need to be torn down…AGAIN!  Much of the leaking was coming from the left side cover, and we began to investigate this area closer.  Come to find out, the round stator cover, which is placed onto the left side cover, had one bolt that was spinning freely.  Not good!

After taking off the stator cover, we discovered that a threaded tab missing inside, that the bolt secures to.  The side cover came off, and sure enough, possibly from over-tightening, the tab had broken free and was lying in a pool of oil, inside the cover.

The entire cover was removed, cleaned thoroughly, and Jarred welded it back on.  An odd piece to weld, it wasn’t pretty, but definitely did the job.  The key was to place the screw in the cover, using it to hold the tab in the correct position for welding.  After Jarred wrapped up, we had a solid cover again, and it was placed back on the bike.

Looks like we are back in business, and awaiting a new (used) set of matching carbs, so we can get this thing tuned…

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