Kawasaki Versys MotoWerk Mirror Extenders

MotoWerk Mirror Extender makes seeing behind you...possible!

MotoWerk Mirror Extender makes seeing behind you…possible!

All motorcycles come stock with mirrors, but most motorcycles come stock with mirrors that give you a perfect view of your shoulders.  There are some options for you if you decide you’d like to have a better view of the traffic behind you, and I stumbled upon one option, the Kawasaki Versys MotoWerk Mirror Extenders

Close-up of the MotoWerk Mirror Extender

Close-up of the MotoWerk Mirror Extender

It’s always refreshing to see that the best inventions are often the simplest ones.  There is a small company in San Diego, CA who has embraced this concept, and churns out model specific products, and makes them quite well.

The Kawasaki Versys Mirror Extenders are small, machined pieces, which attach to the stock mirror mount position, with a threaded hole at the other end, where the mirror is now mounted.  The extender raises the mirror by about a 1/2 inch, and allows for an extension left and right, by approximately 2 inches.  This slight change in mirror position is nothing short of miraculous!

2" offers all the rear vision you need...

2″ offers all the rear vision you need…

I installed the Extenders in about 10 minutes, and then did some more puttering around the garage.  They blend into the bars so well, that I forgot they were even there, when I hopped on the bike to ride home.  But when I first turned into traffic I could see behind me so well, I assumed that I had the mirrors adjusted incorrectly. Turns out, I was seeing behind me just fine, but for familiarity, I adjusted the mirrors to show just a bit of my shoulder for reference.  Even with this set-up, I was able to fully see behind the bike, and the traffic approaching from the rear.

I first became aware of MotoWerk through researching the Kawasaki Versys.  Many mentions of the company sang praises for the products offered, and it’s founder, “Speedy” (his name on the forums).  With 18 products offered for the Kawasaki Versys alone, these folks make things that help you ride safer and more comfortable.  Other products can be found on the site for Kawasaki, Triumph, Yamaha and even Lotus.

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