Hazardous Motorcycle Only Parking in NYC

Really?  Right in the danger-zone?

Really? Right in the danger-zone?

Had to take a trip into Manhattan to hit B&H Photo.  After circling for 20 minutes, finding no parking, i finally joined the crew that parks on this traffic island…

There has been talk of motorcycle only parking in the city for quite some time, and I know a few organizations have forced the city to open up a few spaces at the ends of blocks.  But I never see these places, and they certainly are not where I tend to go in the city.  So I have never been able to take advantage of these specialty spots.

Unfortunately, the only spot I have ever found is the one above, located outside the Lincoln Tunnel, and in what looks to be a hazardous waste zone…

OK, so the sign was really for the trucks entering the tunnel, but come on!  A lonely island, located away from anything useful, and obviously not officially designated as motorcycle parking.  I get the impression that the cops turn a blind eye, since not only is it out of the way, but it’s SO out of the way, no one would ever complain…

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