MotoPreserve Road Trip: Mid-Ohio Vintage Days

The Versys packed and on the road...before the storms.

The Versys packed and on the road…before the storms.

Danny and I launched off from MotoPreserve on our road trip to hit Mid-Ohio Vintage Days, The annual big kahuna of swap meets, racing, and all things vintage motorcycle. Little did we know the trip to Ohio would see us inundated by lightening, thunder and 18-wheelers barely missing us, while we cowered on the side of the road, trying to wait out the torrential Pennsylvania weather…

Versys trying to stay dry in Pennsylvania...

Versys trying to stay dry in Pennsylvania…

Beginning any trip from NYC is always anti-climactic, for instance, taking 1.5 hours to get from Brooklyn to the Jersey side of the Holland Tunnel. We finally started to move, once we reached the first stretch of open highway on route 78, and the entire trip through NJ continued under gray skies, but moisture free.

But when we reached the ironically named towns of Dry Run and Clearville, PA, the skies suddenly opened up, so we opted for a very small sliver of space beneath an overpass. It didn’t protect us much, and the trucks hurling by were coming within 2′ of our noses. Not ideal.

By the time it let up, we were already pretty well soaked, only to find that we had only been 2 miles from a perfectly dry rest stop.  We donned our rain gear, and continued on.  A series of storms provided pelting rain, droplets the feeling like hail while doing Interstate Highway speeds…

Tough first day, but on our way to a gathering which promised to provide plenty of vintage motorcycle racing, vintage bikes and parts at the swap-meet, and folks who love wrenching on theses old bikes.

Stay tuned for more news and photos…

5 Replies to “MotoPreserve Road Trip: Mid-Ohio Vintage Days”

  1. “1.5 hours to get from Brooklyn to the Jersey side of the Holland Tunnel”

    Traffic in New York is the worst I’ve ever seen in North America.
    On a bike, L.A. is a breeze because you can lane split.

    Mexico City, nearly three times the size of NYC, is a cakewalk man.

    1. There is definitely some lane-splitting going on here in NYC too, but you didn’t hear it from me! Actually, with the addition of the saddlebags to the Versys, I was a little weary of fitting the bike through thick traffic. No need to begin a 1200 mile trip wedged between two cabs…

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