MotoPreserve Road Trip: Mid-Ohio Vintage Days, Part 3

Typical booth at Mid-Ohio Vintage Days Swap Meet

Typical booth at Mid-Ohio Vintage Days Swap Meet

After a treacherous trip through the rain, we finally arrived at Mid-Ohio Vintage Days, ready to take a load off, and get dry.  We were given a quick tour of the grounds by some friends familiar with the event, and then decided to pack it in, and start fresh the next morning…

Although I have been to a couple swap meets, Mid-Ohio is said to be the biggest in the country.  Once you actually get a look at the vast tract of land, covered by motorcycle parts, you can believe it!  The following gallery offers a small selection of the amazing bikes and parts that can be found at the show (click a photo for a slideshow to open).  So many things to choose from, so little time…

There is no question that a swap meet of this size can be overwhelming.  The sheer number of vendors, and the massive amounts of junk to sift through, make finding hat you are looking for a chore.  But at the same time, it’s fun.  A restoration or custom motorcycle builder’s wet dream, and a place to find potentially unique add-ons for the latest build.

I didn’t have anything in particular in mind, so I was able to roam free and check out all the fun.  There really is every part imaginable, and the fact that it’s all in one place, for you to put your hands on, instead of an eBay page, is refreshing.

Next up, the Mid-Ohio Vintage Days race photos…

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