Our Faithful Brooklyn Traveler: 1 year on the road…

Shunning adventure motorcycles, this is the view from an old Honda

Shunning adventure motorcycles, this is the view from an old Honda

Back in April we reported that our long, lost Brooklyn Traveler, Pipe Adams had crossed over the equator on his mission to set himself free, and see the world on a 1970’s Honda CB500T, which is not top of the list of adventure motorcycles.  Well, he has just passed the 1 year mark on his travels, mostly in Central and South America…After 1 year on the road, Pipe has seen some incredible adventures, and documented them on his blog.  When I read his stories, always wrapped in a road-weary warp of poetic tongue, I instantly have wanderlust.

Kudos to making it a year on the road, with a bike NOT inspired by Charlie and Ewan, piecing together a modern Burroughs-esque life, filled with adventure and the unknown.

It’s always refreshing to see a guy (or gal) out there on the road, looking to experience the adventure of a lifetime.  Even better when the adventure is done on an old Honda, and the trials and tribulations that come along with that.  This is not an experience like ‘Long Way ‘Round.’  This is old school, seat of your pants, adventure on a bike that was last expected to make a trip like this (if ever), 35 years ago…

There are plenty of adventure motorcycles on the market these days, but this is not one of them.  This is taking the experience to a whole new level, and we are proud to see Patch making this bike work for him.

Check out his adventures HERE:

5 Replies to “Our Faithful Brooklyn Traveler: 1 year on the road…”

  1. Hey, thanks for the plug!
    I still have a ways to go before I become a gay junkie though.
    and F Charlie and Ewan!

    1. We are loving following your travels! I would have posted this closer to the actual anniversary, but I had some travelin’ of my own to attend to, albeit much less exotic. I was thinking more about Burroughs search for ancient tree bark, which would elevate you to the level of true mystic, but it seems like you are well on your way without that shit. Anyways, you’ll have plenty of time for the gay junkie thing later…

    1. I know exactly how you feel! Pipe has traversed a good part of the world, while I sit by and watch from the sidelines…

  2. …that picture looks better on your site than mine.

    Ah, just looked up the tree bark thing pertaining to Burroughs. Ayahuasca! That shit was all over the place in the jungle! Although, they have another thing down there called floripon that makes you trip for 4 days. This guy told me a story about some German dudes who went looking for some, found it, and then overdosed hard. They went blind for 2 months and when they got their sight back they couldn’t read…the words would just be gibberish to them.
    Who knows if that’s true but supposedly, we have something similar in the states called Jimson Weed….and it’s pretty poisonous.

    thanks for the reps!

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