Hogs in the ‘hood: Honda CB 350F

A rare Honda CB 350-4 in Williamsburg....

A rare Honda CB 350-4 in Williamsburg….

Lately you see Honda CB 350‘s all over the place in Brooklyn.  They are a great, small displacement bike, that is perfect for city commuting, and beginning riders.  What you don’t see very often is the rare Honda CB 350F, (or CB 350-4) the little brother to the larger 4-cylinder Honda (CB 750, CB 550) of the era…

A fine, stock example of the Honda CB 350-4

A fine, stock example of the Honda CB 350-4

Made for only 3 years between 1972 and 1974, this little 4 cylinder was considered unnecessary at the time.  Many reviews thought there was no reason to include a small displacement 4-cylinder into the line-up, having already capitalized on the success of both the 2 cylinder Honda CB 350, and the larger CB 550 and CB 750.  What was the point?

Well, after 35 years of thinking about it, some people have learned to love the smoothness of the Honda CB 350F.  Despite being less powerful, heavier, and more expensive than it’s 2-cylinder cousin, this little bike has developed quite the cult following.

This Honda CB 350F found in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is in impeccable condition, opting for the stock look instead of a cafe or street tracker style.  Kudos for keeping this the way Honda intended, and allowing the rest of us to admire the beautiful lines of a rare, but stylish small Four from our friends over in Japan…

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