Help Catch the Bad Guys: Another Honda CB 550 stolen

Blue Honda CB 550 stolen.  Help catch the bad guys!

Blue Honda CB 550 stolen. Help catch the bad guys!

Awhile back we were contacted by Mazen about helping sort out some electrical issues on his Honda CB 550.  Unfortunately, the night before he was due to stop by MotoPreserve, we got an email from him letting us know that his bike had just been stolen…

We have been hearing more and more stories about bikes getting ripped off lately.  A ring of 30+ thieves was just busted in a sting, here in NYC.  Nothing worse than news that another bike has been stolen, especially a vintage bike that we often feel will fall under the radar of these thieves.

The bike was snagged on 76th street.  If you spot it, or have any info, please contact us here, and we will pass on the info.

Keep ’em safe and secure folks!

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