GoPro Hero HD 2 review…

The Motorsports Edition of the GoPro Hero HD 2

The Motorsports Edition of the GoPro Hero HD 2

GoPro is a manufacturer of video cameras, targeting the action sports market.  A market largely undervalued at the time, GoPro has become the leading seller among folks looking to capture their own action adventures…With a few different models to choose from, the GoPro line offers 2 cameras that shoot in full 1080 HD (Professional and Original), and a less expensive model (Hero 960) which captures a maximum 1280×960.  In the past, I had the Hero 960, which sadly fell off the bike, rolling into the woods forever, while riding the twisties on the goat trail.

GoPro Hero HD 2 on the suction cup mount.

GoPro Hero HD 2 on the suction cup mount.

Sad to see it go, but the improvements offered on the Professional, have been well worth the upgrade.  Choosing the Motorsports Edition, the package comes complete with the highest quality camera, as well as a host of ‘action mounts.’

The biggest improvement for me (aside from higher quality video), has been the addition of an LED light on the rear of the camera.  In the past, the only indicator was on the face of the unit, making it difficult to know when the camera was in record mode.  For use on a motorcycle (and many other sports), this made it nearly impossible to know when you were capturing video, which is a distraction on a bike you simply do not need.

The mounts that come with the Motorsports Edition seem to cover a wide range of mounting options, with the inclusion of the suction-cup mount being my favorite.  The sturdy mount attaches to any semi-flat surface, giving you many choices around the bike.  The key to interesting video edits, especially with a single camera, is multiple angles, and this mount gives you those choices.

The increased quality of the still photos, now with 11.8 MP wide angle shooting (up from 5 MP), and 10 photos/second (up from 3/second) allows for stop motion style animation.

Overall, the build quality is exactly what you have come to expect from GoPro, and the housing is still rugged, and ready for action sport mishaps.  Despite being physically larger than leading competition, the GoPro Hero HD 2 still offers the best bang for the buck.

Stay tuned for a review of the premium accessory, WiFi Backpack and Remote…

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