Hogs in the ‘hood: fear of the Harley Davidson Classic…

Harley, still representin'

Harley, still representin’

The other day, while walking home, I stumbled upon a group of 3 large Harley Davidson bikes parked in a “no standing zone.”  It dawned on me that these bikes are still outlaw, despite being outfitted with over-the-top amenities…

The Harley Davidson Classic in the foreground of the photo above is, I believe, a Harley Davidson Classic.  This is a model that must give the Honda Goldwing a run for its money.  Large in size, massive front ‘cockpit,’ and saddlebags, with matching top-case, that could hold the entire extent of my personal belonging.  I’m sure this is a comfortable ride on a long-distance trip, but man, the overkill is intense.

Really?  Tassles?  Come now...do we really need to take it that far?

Really? Tassels? Come now…do we really need to take it that far?

The add-on that pushed me over the edge was the addition of the tassel, hanging off the end of each bar.  This smacked of Greg Brady, and his mid-70’s, pre-disco faze.  This needs to be stopped.  No more fringe, no more mushroom-shaped window in the back of a van, and for pete’s sake, please no more Tassels….

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