Yamaha XS650 Cafe Racer: Custom Seat

Custom motorcycle seat for the XS650 Cafe Racer

Custom motorcycle seat for the XS650 Cafe Racer

Danny has been working on his Yamaha XS 650 Cafe Racer for quite some time now, but you have to hand it to him,  persistence, perseverance and pain management have overcome the obstacles presented in this build…

Time and again, frustrations develop with fabricating custom parts, to make a build all your own.  But the time spent learning, tweaking and developing these bespoke parts pays off.  The bike will be unique, and have a signature that should carry over in to all the builds to come.

Custom motorcycle seats are a key ingredient to any build...

Custom motorcycle seats are a key ingredient to any build…

In the case of this Yamaha XS 650 Cafe Racer, after running into flaky upholsterers, Danny decided to grab a sewing machine, some leather, and a bunch of YouTube videos, and make his own damn seat!  Nothing like taking the bull by the horns and getting shit done.  While there are companies out there that will charge an arm and a leg to deliver a good looking pre-made seat to your door, but knowing that you can make one on your own is priceless.  Even better, is that everyone at the garage can have him make one for us too!

Having cut the aluminum seat pan to the specs he wanted, Danny then had to weld a “hump” to the front of the pan, to allow for clearance of the bung that secures the tank.  Once done, the edge of the pan was wrapped in a thin rubber strip, to prevent the sharp edge from ripping the leather.  A foam piece was cut to size, and glued to the pan.

Then the fun began.  Sewing leather presents a slew of challenges, and requires a special machine.  After acquiring one from eBay, Danny began experimenting with the process, and eventually came up with this custom motorcycle seat you see in the photos above.

It won’t be long now, so stay tuned for this bad-ass Yamaha XS 650 Cafe Racer to be fired up…

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    1. The leather is pulled over the rubber pad, and down under the aluminum seat pan. The pan was pre-drilled for rivets. The rivets attach through from the bottom, through holes that were cut in the leather.

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