Motorcycle Helmet: clean those f%#king things!

Removable lining of the AGV Miglia 2 Motorcycle Helmet

Removable lining of the AGV Miglia 2 Motorcycle Helmet

When I was looking around for a replacement motorcycle helmet, one of the key features I insisted on, was a removable liner.  Most newer, mid-range motorcycle helmets come with this feature, and I was happy to finally be able to wash the blood, sweat and tears from the nasty innards…I had finally opted for the AGV Miglia II motorcycle helmet, which came with the removable liner, as well as some other features I wanted.  Good helmet, good price.

…but now it’s been well over a year, including 2 summer riding seasons, and I had never cleaned the damn thing.  I have wiped down the outer shell, and buffed the visors numerous times.  But not the liners!  Why would I take the 3 seconds it takes to get it out of the shell, and soak in it some warm water?

Well, it was finally time.  After the last trip, which included the lovely mixture of soaking rain AND high humidity, the inside of the motorcycle helmet smelled like a rotting, dead animal.  Time to take action, and get that thing in a bath of gentle wash, and refresh it, if possible.

Fact of the matter was, I had already dedicated to wash the Rev’It Sand Jacket that I own – which was purchased at the Rev’It sample sale, and came dirty from the showroom floor.  Perfect, two birds, one stone.

I removed the liner, which as previously stated, takes no time at all.  A couple snaps, and you have the thing in your hands.  Soaking it in the washing liquid for only 20 minutes, the moment I removed it from the tub, the difference was noticeable.  A clean, fresh smell was present again, and I couldn’t believe it took me this long to do it.

Go to your motorcycle helmet right now, and remove the liner.  Wash it!  It’s the easiest, best 20 minutes you will spend caring for your bike gear today!

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