Hogs in the ‘hood: Triumph Thunderbird…a cruiser?

The Triumph Thunderbird...really, a Triumph cruiser?

The Triumph Thunderbird…really, a Triumph cruiser?

OK, can we all get on the same page here?  Can we just admit to ourselves that Triumph is best left to making classic, vintage looking replicas from the 1970’s?  This bike, a Triumph Thunderbird 900, was spotted in Williamsburg, ironically parked where I always see Harley Davidson’s hogging the “no standing” zone…

Whether you like them or not, the quintessential cruiser has historically been made in America, primarily by Harley Davidson.  I am not trying to spark a huge debate here, but come on!  The thing that made Triumph…well, TRIUMPH, was that they stuck to what they knew, created a look that people loved, and developed a brand that folks still covet.

Harley-style bling....

Harley-style bling….

Now, they have decided to jump into a market that extols all the things that classic Triumphs were NOT.  Flashy, chrome bling, a seating position made for folks who prefer a couch to a bike, and for pete’s sake…TASSELS!!!!

That's right!  A Triumph Thunderbird with Tassels!!!

That’s right! A Triumph Thunderbird with Tassels!!!

This Triumph Thunderbird (there are other Triumph models of cruisers as well!), has a classic, modern Triumph tank, complete with knee pads.  A look almost exclusively dedicated to the Cafe Racer.  The more modern models of the Triumph Thunderbird come complete with an engine boasting nearly 1700cc.  This 900cc model was manufactured between 1995-2004.  With a “mere” 900cc, I suppose they figured that stopping would not be desired by the rider, placing only a single disc front brake.  Good times…

Good grief.  I’ve had enough of marketing and finances ruining beloved icons.  End rant…

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  1. Americans have been ruining motorbikes for many years now. All Motorbike manufacturers have been making bikes specifically for the US market for decades adding cruiser like seating and high ridiculous bars with pull backs that make it impossible to ride. I have come across so many Japanese, British bikes that have never made it to the states do to our market and what “most” Americans prefer. The rest of the world likes to ride while Americans seem to just want to look like outlaws. We miss out on a lot of cool models due to the majority of people with horrible taste. People like what they like and that is fine by me but it sucks for the rest of us who do not fall into that category of bikes not made for fun. But I am just some asshole with another unpopular opinion.

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