Review: GoPro WiFi Remote Bacpac Combo Kit

GoPro WiFi Remote Bacpac Combo Kit

GoPro WiFi Remote Bacpac Combo Kit

One of the features we felt was lacking on the GoPro cameras was a way to enable recording, while the camera was mounted somewhere inconvenient, or inaccessible.  We must not have been the only ones with this issue, because a new Premium Accessory, the GoPro WiFi Remote Bacpac Combo Kit, fills the need, and does it well…

On the original GoPro Camera we owned, the Hero 960, we hated the fact that there was no LED on the rear of the body, to indicate that recording was in progress.  Every video begins with me looking into the face of the camera, trying to determine if the damn thing is on.  Well, the folks at GoPro have solved all that with the addition of more LEDs around the body of the newer cameras.  But that still left the frustration of trying to enable recording, if the camera was mounted out of reach, or on the helmet.

Enter the GoPro WiFi Remote Bacpac Combo Kit.  This little gadget includes the WiFi BacPac, which attaches to the rear of the camera.  This enables communication with the Remote, which is a small device which can be worn around the wrist, and operates all the functions that the camera’s front buttons do.  No longer do you have to reach around the front of the camera to enable recording.  Just use the buttons on the Remote, and choose the camera function you wish.  All of the menu items can be accessed from the Remote, and the communication has been seamless.

One of the better perks promised by the GoPro WiFi Remote Bacpac Combo Kit will be the ability to control the camera from your smart phone, with the yet unreleased app.  This combination of WiFi BacPac and Remote expands the usability of this camera tremendously, with impressive functionality, at a price that is hard to pass up ($99).

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