Lady Luck: Ruby’s Honda CL350 is on the road!

The 1969 Honda CL350 is finally on the road!!!!

The 1969 Honda CL350 is finally on the road!!!!

There are not many things better than seeing a bike owner climb aboard their newly running vintage motorcycle, and ride off into the sunset…

In this case, Ruby finally got to hop on her 1969 Honda CL350, and take a few laps through the neighborhood.  Being Williamsburg, Brooklyn meant that she was actually riding off into the hipsters…but no matter.  If she didn’t have the helmet on, you’d see a grin from ear to ear.  The look on her face when she pulled up at my apartment was priceless, and I recognized it right away.

There is nothing better than the feeling of having helped make this happen.  Being a part of a person’s first motorcycle is amazing, and although there is always the concern you have for their safety, it’s hard to ignore the joy you have been a part of.

OK, all cheesy sentiments aside.  This Honda CL350 is finally up and running, and it took a long, hard time to get it here.  From the top end job, to the timing that just wouldn’t adjust right, to the electrical shorting happening on the points cover.  So many times this bike had us nearly in tears…

But 2 days ago, Ruby was able to hop on the bike, and with Scotty and Jarred from the garage, she took a ride in what she described as a “Triumph sandwich.”  The boys took her around Brooklyn to a few spots that would allow her to open the bike up a bit, and get the feel for how she handled.

Next up, a trip down to the airstrip in south Brooklyn for some real practice, just to raise Ruby’s comfort level on this particular old Honda CL350.

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  1. Bike looks great guys and I am glad that Ruby didn’t run into those parked cars on the way out! Another person on a vintage bike…………that is a great thing to see!

    1. She admitted she had a hard time pulling away because she was nervous about the camera :). Still going to get to an abandoned airstrip to do some practicing without the camera…

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