Custom Honda CB750: Ingenuity built this MC

One-of-a-kind brake setup for the custom Honda CB750

One-of-a-kind brake setup for the custom Honda CB750

Jarred has been chipping away at this custom Honda CB750 for a while, making custom parts and rebuilding the engine.  Often, you see him off in the corner of the garage, motionless, staring at the bike.  When you see him deep in thought like this, something interesting is coming just around the corner…

About a week ago, Jarred decided he wanted to keep the handlebars free of clutter on the custom Honda CB750.  Staring at the large, stock master cylinder (MC), he realized it wouldn’t work for the look of this build.  Deciding he only wanted to see a cable coming from the brake lever, he needed to figure out how to activate the front disc brakes, which are standard on this bike.  So he set about cutting up the stock Honda master cylinder, taking off the lever, and manipulating it so that it would fit under the main crossbar above the engine, and hidden beneath the tank.

After spending a day or two chopping the MC, fabricating mounts, and making a custom cable to activate the brake, Jarred realized the unit would be too large, once the carbs were put back on the bike.

The custom master cylinder will hide below the tank...

The custom master cylinder will hide below the tank…

Many people would give up at this point, allowing the setback to blur the vision for their build.  Not Jarred.  More starring at the bike, chopping and fabricating more parts, eventually coming up with a solution. Cut the whole MC brake fluid reservoir right off the unit, use clear hose as the new reservoir, and make it all small enough to fit beneath the tank.  This time, the carbs fit, and the cable activated MC is even more efficient than the first concept.

Now Jarred has moved on to cleaning and rebuilding the carbs, and the bike is very near completion.

Have any stories of fabricating custom parts for your build?  Let us know…

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