Hogs in the ‘hood: KTM 50 LC pro junior


Vermont is different. This ‘hood doesn’t feel like Brooklyn, with plenty of green trees, twistie roads and less traffic. Another thing that’s very different is that EVERYONE owns a dirt bike. Even the kids.  Like the one who owns this KTM 50 LC Pro Junior


This baby KTM 50 LC Pro Junior was spotted outside our favorite Vermont store, Dad’s 4×4. The difference here is that this one has training wheels. It’s a first for us, and I’m wondering if this is how Valentino Rossi got started…

Not only is this a fully functioning. single cylinder 2-stroke dirt bike with training wheels, but it’s a KTM at that! Arguably the most coveted off-road 2-wheeler, whichever kid gets to call this ride (on 10 inch wheels – not sure the size of the training wheels) his/her own, is riding in style. I mean, come on! We’ve never owned a KTM, and this kid can’t be more than 5 years old!!!

More power to ’em though. This kid will be doing 360’s over the table-top before you know it…

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