Video of the Kawasaki Versys in Vermont

The Kawasaki Versys...courtesy of Instagram

The Kawasaki Versys…courtesy of Instagram

Compared to my typical riding locations, namely Brooklyn, the roads in Vermont are a dream.  Gone is the traffic and mayhem that crowd this city’s streets, and the more mellow atmosphere is a welcome change of pace…

This latest trip on the Kawasaki Versys was done in 2 phases, the first being the chore of just getting there.  Due to timing, it was decided to high-tail it on the Interstates, to get there as quickly as possible.  While back roads are preferred, when you want to move, I-91 is the way to go, making the trip a quick 7 hours, including stops.  But once there, the second phase begins, and enjoyment of this 2-wheeled trip settles in.

The video below was shot with the new GoPro camera, and although there is little variety in the clips, it showcases some of the fine roads the Northeast Kingdom has to offer.  Soon, videos from MotoPreserve will include a second angle, provided by another camera, and hopefully make the videos a lot more interesting.  The helmet mount was finally determined to be the least shaky of the mounts we’ve tried, and we will work to get some more quality in the videos.

But for now, sit back, and enjoy the ride.

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