Hogs in the ‘hood: Kawasaki KLX Supermotard

Kawasaki KLX Supermotard

Kawasaki KLX Supermotard

Are Supermotards perfect for the City?


We’ve seen a ton of Supermotards (SM) popping up around the city.  They seem to be super fun bikes for city commutes, dodging traffic, and generally purpose-build for Brooklyn’s deep-crater pot holes.  This tiny Kawasaki KLX Supermotard was spotted on the Northside of Williamsburg, and a shot of jealousy ran through our veins…

Kawasaki KLX thumper...

Kawasaki KLX thumper…

We are not sure if this was a Kawasaki KLX Supermotard SF model, which was released from the factory in the Supermotard style, or retrofitted from one of the more common dual-purpose models.  For sure this bike is a single-cylinder thumper, based around Kawasaki’s 4-stroke, DOHC, 6-speed powerplant.  These bikes are not as powerful as the Supermotards made popular by KTM, but for a small city bike, this has the look, suspension and tires, at a fraction of the price.

Classic Supermotard tires on the Kawasaki KLX

Classic Supermotard tires on the Kawasaki KLX

These Supermotards seem perfect for the city, offering better suspension, and a more sportbike-style performance than their dual-sport brethren, but with upright stance and seating position.  Originally designed for a new type of racing, the Supermotard (or Supermoto) is built to handle a variety of terrain, and handle it quickly.  Their history lies in the ABC television commissioned events, started in 1979, drawing riders from several disciplines to compete in an all-star event.  The hope was that the ‘ultimate all-round racer’ would be crowned from these races, and a new breed of motorcycle fan in the process.

ABC ran the events until 1985, when budget cuts forced the series cancellation.  European riders brought the style back to their home countries, where it remained popular.  In 2003 the AMA spearheaded a revival of the sport, and the style of bike gained popularity on the roads of North America once again…

What do you think of these bikes?  Something that would make a good city rider?

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    1. I’m very close to nabbing a bike like this. They are a ton of fun, and the option of both on and off-road wheels makes them fun in any type of terrain. On the other hand, a Honda 500 can do the same, and look less robocop while doing it! 🙂

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