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  1. HI i have 75 mt 250 is to start need carb rebuilt or not and how to get a carb off pleases let me know or walk me thru please thanks/////

    1. Hey NewOne! Thanks for checking out the site and writing in.

      If the bike has been sitting for a while, I’m sure it needs the carb cleaned.

      To take it off you need to loosen the screws that tighten the clamps that hold the carb to the boots (the black rubber part). Make sure you are gentle with those boots. They are typically fragile after all these years (unless they’ve been replaced).

      Once you have the clamps loose, you should be able to wiggle the carb loose from the boots. If the boots are severely cracked – you’ll need to replace them.

      Then you follow the normal carb cleaning procedure. I suggest you take photos for reassembly if you are new to this. Check the jets for debris (don’t clear them with anything other than copper wire strand) and soak the whole thing in carb dip or spray with carb/brake cleaner. It should be spotless when you’re done.

      Put it back together and fire it up!

      Good luck.

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