Hogs in the ‘hood: Ducati 900 GTS

Gorgeous Ducati 900 GTS in Brooklyn...

Gorgeous Ducati 900 GTS in Brooklyn…

The other day we were down in Gowanus, checking out a possible bike purchase, when we stumbled upon this incredible Ducati 900 GTS…

A different type of Ducati: Ducati 900 GTS

The rare, and sought after Ducati 900 GTS.

The rare, and sought after Ducati 900 GTS.

Released in 1978, to replace the Ducati 860 GT, this model boasted an air cooled, a stress-member frame (engine is a part of the rigidity), and one of the best looking tanks around.  Couple that with the Ducati heritage for race bikes, and you had one hell of a bike.

The bike, in this form, was only released for 2 years.  The slight changes from the earlier 860 GT, and a motorcycle market soon to move toward cruisers and early sport bikes, made this a short-lived dream.

The folks over at Silodrome have a great example of this bike, done up right with plenty of aluminum.  Check it out HERE:

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