Hogs in the ‘hood: Yamaha Delivery Cruiser

A bike built for groceries?

A bike built for groceries?

Ever since I have been riding in NYC I have forsaken fashion for function, installing a rear “cargo” rack on each bike, so that I could do errands easily.  While we typically see engine powered bicycles scooting around the city for this type of activity, being able to do the errands with some speed, is a much improved experience…Enter this bad-assed bike, captured by MotoPreserve member Scotty, while wandering Brooklyn.  This looks to be a Yamaha Virago (or similar type cruiser), but not just any Virago.  This motorcycle is owned by someone who needs to haul stuff, and feels no need to have a bike-specific tail bag to do so.  My mom used to say ‘necessity is the mother of invention,’ and this bike proves it.  Need to carry cargo, slap a milk crate on the back of the bike, and go!

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